What can I do?

Classical Music Web Design - or, put simply, websites for classical musicians and ensembles. Whether you're just starting out and looking for freelance work, or looking for a more professional website for your string trio or orchestra, I can provide the perfect solution.

What can I offer that others can't? Well, I'm a classical musician myself, running my own websites. I know what fixers and concert audiences want to see - and more importantly what they don't! From web design, to writing copy, to starting Facebook, Twitter and YouTube links, I can help provide your audience with the best web experience.


Initial Consultation

I want to get to know you first. We'll meet at a mutually convenient venue and talk about what you want. Chances are you already have a website or a web presence and want to improve it or use that as a starting point. It's an opportunity for us to talk about how you want to present yourself, what you need on your website and what publicity materials you already have.

If you have any questions I'll try to answer them. I'll explain the process fully, let you know a rough timescale for completion and what will be finished when.

Website Creation

After the inital meeting, I'll create a mock-up site for you. This may take the form of a simple site-layout, or a picture document. Depending on what you've asked for there may be some options. You can then give me further instructions, but hopefully you'll like it so much you just want me to get started straight away.

From this point on I need your information. I need to know your facebook and twitter presence, I need your text, your photos and your videos. I also need to know the web addresses of your friends, your colleagues, your diary service. Pretty much everything except your shoe-size (but feel free to tell me that too!). Why do I need this? A good site links in with every aspect of what you do, without links to friends you are only telling half the story.

Along the way I'll keep you informed of where we are at, what's going well, and possibly have a few more things for you to okay. When it's all done I need you to arrange the purchase some webhosting for us. Why do I not provide this? Simple. There are plenty of very good companies out there who do it a lot better and cheaper than I could. I can advise you on who's good, and once you've arranged that let me know the address and passwords for where you want your site. I'll then get everything packaged up and online for you to check over.

When it's all done, I'll send you a cd copy of your site as a safety backup. You'll also get very clear instructions on how to change the text on your site (and more importantly what not to change!). 90% of people are happy that this is something they can do themselves with very little help. If you're not sure, I'll hapilly discuss your options, and will make a few changes a year for free anyway if you don't need too much housekeeping.


What else can you do?

I can juggle 3 clubs at once and ride a unicycle, and although I'm very proud of that, it's probably not what you were asking...

If you're happy with your site, or better still are happy building your own site, I can still help with the following:

  • Advice on improving the copy (text) on your site
  • Optimisation for Google and other search engines
  • Photo optimisation
  • Sound and video compression
  • Advice on using 3rd party sites for sound/media hosting
  • Blog set-up
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • If there's anything else we've not thought of, ask it anyway.

How much does it all cost?

That depends on what you want. A simple 5-page site will cost somewhere around £150. Looking over a pre-existing site and tweaking will be around £100. There's no set-menu of pricing because if I get it done quicker than expected you pay less!

Contact me for more information.


Design Portfolio

A Selection of my work

Thornbury Area Music Trust


Creation of the website, from design upwards. Copy of text, some basic photography, and the design of posters and postcards for starting-up a new music trust for the young musicians of South Gloucestershire.

Jon Cowell - Alexander Teacher


Creation of the website, from design upwards. Jon supplied the text he wanted, and some of the photography. Jon also wanted to link up his Twitter and Facebook presence.

Clennell Custom Brass


Creation of the website, from design upwards. Andrew already had a good online presence in the form of a Wordpress site and facebook group. I took the Wordpress site as the basis for the text and layout and worked from there.