A Goldie Moment in NYC

Wow! What a couple of weeks. A wedding, then a trip to the US which has seen me and the lovely Sarah: cycle around San Francisco, walk the Golden Gate bridge, hang from a speeding wooden cable car,  drive 1600 miles across 3 US states, see the sun set in Yosemite, drive a Dodge Charger very fast around the edge of the salt flats in Death Valley,  hit 100 on the California Highway, hike the south rim of the Grand Canyon, see Rob Thomas play poolside at the Red Rock in Vegas, row a boat amongst the turtles in Central Park, and catch the Broadway production of West Side Story. Like I said, wow!

More on most of those to come. Now we’ve seen Times Square a few times before, and our trip has been full of chance encounters and coincidences, but just as we were saying goodbye to Times Sqaure, promising not to leave it so long before we come back and heading into the subway we caught sight of this chap having his girlfriend take some pictures of him in amongst the crowds. Completely unrecognised by the crowds around him, it’s Goldie proving that everyone, without exception, is overwhelmed by the scale of Times Square and a sudden need to capture it on film in order to take it all in.

Goldie in Times Square

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