Music Month: Day 11 ‘The Icarus Account’

Whilst we’re on the subject of pop, today I’ve mostly been listening to The Icarus Account. Their website describes their back-story:

“I remember that feeling,” says Ty, “I remember getting goosebumps from the music for the first time and I remember thinking to myself ‘I want to do that someday. I want to be able to play music that can give people goosebumps.’” Not long after that first concert, the boys began taking music lessons. They began with the piano and later took on violin as well. “We hated playing the violin,” remembers Ty. “Our parents used to make us walk around the block at Christmas time and play songs with our sisters for all of our neighbors.” And while they didn’t necessarily love those performances at the time, the experience paved the way for something bigger. “Our dad always used to say, ‘One day you’ll thank me for making you take lessons,’” Trey remembers, then laughs. “I guess he was right.”

Not liking violin lessons – not great for a cellist to read… But their stuff is good. It’s the kind of thing you could hear over the closing montage scene of a tv show. Late night in the car, it’s great!


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