A post in which I attempt to reaffirm my faith in popular music

Before I went on hiatus* I posted this little post about The Voice.

Did you believe it? No, me neither really. The world is full of music, but if you turn on the radio in the UK you get the same 24 songs on rotation. They’re nearly all backed by Simon Cowell or someone similar. They are all based on the same principles: smiley teeth, 120bpm kick beat, something ‘ethnic’, colourful video, and autotune to make up for the shortcomings.

So, instead of moaning I fixed it – I’ve dumped the UK stations, and have been listening online to US and Canadian radio. This proves two things: 1) Canadians¬†really like their stadium rock hair-bands, and 2) There’s still a lot of great music out there, you just have to work for it.

So here’s the experiment…

This month, every day I’m going to surf around on Spotify, and pick a new band to listen to. I’m not claiming I’ll find some great untapped source of musical elixir, but it may just reaffirm my faith that there’s still a lot of *new* music out there.
And, it’ll all be filed here for me to look back at (and help me remember them when I buy their wares on iTunes.
*For hiatus, feel free to read ‘couldn’t be bothered to write’, ‘was swallowed by a wave of facebook ice-bucket challenges’, or ‘just got busy’. Personally, I wanted to put ‘sabbatical’.

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