Birthday Beach

So, back from Jersey and one year older. Not because of an unexpectedly long delay at the customs, but because of a birthday.

Being accustomed as I am to a birthday that every 3 years or so falls on the Easter weekend, I normally have to dream up birthday activities that involve either a) an indoor location, or 2) involve copious amounts of, perferably waterproof, clothing. This year was different. This year was in Jersey!

I was beginning to worry that I was getting old. Thankfully this didn’t last long, as being now officially ‘old’ and in my late-twenties, I’m prone to forgetting what I’m thinking/talking about at a moment’s notice. It’s probably only a cat’s whisker of time until I find myself on the 11 stair scratching my head wondering why it was I went up there, or more likely worrying that my tartan slipper is about to fall off.

So a birthday on the beach in was. An organic burger and the best chips in the whole of Jersey at Big Vern’s diner, then a walk in the gorgeous sunshine which has ultimately given me sunburnt elbows (a part of the human body woefully inable to cope with the tiniest bit of weather).

A year older, yes. Old? Well, I spent my day relaxing around, ‘working’ 3 hours in an orchestra in the evening, and eating a burger and chips. Sound like middle-age yet?

[Flight Update]
BA still haven’t sent me details of my cello ticket to Norway. After a total well in excess of 80 minutes on hold, my ticket is reserved, but my payment is currently queueing to be paid… Hope the plane takes off more efficiently than this!

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