Drop the dead donkey

And this just in from our BBC correspondent. A highly trained, well-sourced news organisation. Publically funded and widely respected around the world. Except maybe Zimbabwe.

On a news day where Kenya is erupting into violence, Pakistan is expected to announce its plans for democratic elections, and rail commuters are stranded by Network Rail. Oh, and if that’s not enough a boat has run aground in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes near Dover. BBC News gives ample air time to this report just in:

“Woman’s size 20 knickers save family from fire” – Video report link here.

Two things. The woman in question builds the tension by explaining, whilst standing in a perfectly serviceable kitchen with no noticeable marks, she found the kitchen ‘practically alight’. Secondly, I love the way she keeps on holding the knickers throughout the report.

BBC News 24 – Award-winning news.

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