Golden, that gate is

Recently in San Francisco, I was determined to get a nice shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Turns out it’s not as easy as it looks. The city has its own weather system, almost entirely independent of the rest of planet Earth. And when it doesn’t cooperate, it really doesn’t cooperate.

Try as I might, I couldn’t get the nice red hues, and the top of the structure in one shot…

So, I thought I’d walk the 3 miles or so across it, to where it looked sunnier incidentally, and try again. But one half of the pesky bridge then started hiding behind it’s non-city brother!


Thankfully, we happened upon China beach in our hire car as we were preparing to cross the bridge and leave San Fran on our roadtrip. Even then, it refused to cooperate with our honeymoon shot (as did my ‘smile’ function, as can be seen below)…


Finally though, it cooperated and appeared in full shot just as we were walking away from the beach, and the city. I did get a few good shots, but they’re being prepared for a new website project. But here’s a shot…


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