Let it snow, nothing goes, it’s all woe

In the last 24 hours you’d be forgiven for thinking the world was coming to an end. British Airways cabin crews planned reworking of the twelve days of Christmas was declared illegal by the High Court. As a result it is now against the law for bleach blonde men and women wearing enough make-up to paint an elephant to complain about their working conditions and take Christmas off.

In the world of the wireless, Sir Terry Wogan will make his final breakfast show tomorrow morning ending his 17-year run creating the country’s most listened-to radio programme. As Sir Terry ended his penultimate show, sister-station FiveLive decided to try and steal some thunder by bringing Rage Against The Machine live and then being surprised when they didn’t cut the 15 F words from their song. Someone please tell the show’s producer that the clue was in the words – ‘F you I won’t do whatcha tell me’.

Simon Cowell may not get the Christmas number 1. He’s been in newspapers with a certain quiver in his lip saying that everyone’s ruining things and is out to get him – someone forgot to tell everyone that the official prize for the X-Factor was the Christmas Number 1 slot.

And now it’s snowing. Canada may get enough of the stuff in an average year to bury the Chrysler building and still get to work in time to harvest a few moose. But we’re going to get a couple of inches by the morning, with only 4 days of warnings which means we’ll be using the opening lines of W H Auden’s ‘Stop the Clocks’ as a guide on how to cope a temperature of -3.

Let’s see if I’m right…

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