Never fear, the shed men are here

The world wide web. Emails. Twitter. Conference calls. All useful inventions that make the world smaller. A ‘global community’ if you will.

All created in university computer labs, or air-conditioned trendy open-plan offices with stress coaches and Warhol prints on the wall.

All the best inventions come from sheds in the countryside. The car wasn’t invented on a Mac. Nor was the phone. Or the telly. Or the plane. They were drawn up on beer mats and scraps of paper before being made by men called Nigel or Graham, fuelled solely on weak tea and digestives.

So when Mother Nature decides to remind us who’s in charge by setting of a volcano or two it’s back to the drawing board.

The thing is, so far Twitter and the web have found hire cars for a few Tarquins and Hectors so they can get to their conferences in soulless Munich hotels, but it’s the hardy boatists and drivers who are really getting people home.

So it’s computer modelling vs the ingenious shed men. I know who my money’s on to get more people home by tea time.

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