Not so much the iron lady…

…as the rubber lady. Certainly in the 90’s.

Second on my trip down memory lane is Spitting Image. I remember being allowed to stay up late to watch this one when it first began. Not so much because I was an avid viewer at first, more because I wanted to put off the inevitable return to school on Monday morning for as long as possible. Later, with a TV in my room, it did become a must see.

I’m beginning to spot a theme with my favourite teen-tv here, but something which may not come as too much of a surprise to friends used to my cynicism, dark humour and sarcasm. Fantastic purely for its Agadoo-mocking Chicken Song, and for being instrumental in the downfall of Thatcher, it certainly started a few careers. A mere glimpse of the voice-cast list reads like a who’s-who: Chris Barrie, Alastair MacGowan, Harry Enfield, Hugh Dennis, Steve Cougan.

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