Statistical Review of the Year: 2010

Aaaaaand I’m back.

So, it’s been 2 months, but then it has been a busy year. And as always, the year ends with a statistical review…

Number of months in year: 12
Number of months in year actually needed: 15
Number of houses bought: 1
Number of wives wedded to: 1
Number of litres of paint put onto walls: At least 40
Number of countries visited: 2
Number of continents visited: 2
Favourite place(s): San Francisco, Death Valley, Greenwich Village, and Jewish Quarter of NYC
Best musical experience: West Side Story on Broadway
Number of weddings played for: 70-something
Bottles of Champagne drunk in the name of ‘wine-tasting’: At least a dozen.

And, in a change to the previous format, ladies and gentlemen I present my year in graph form:

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