Music lessons can provide:

  • A comprehensive and creative musical experience
  • Enhance a pupils skills at interacting with peers and working in a team
  • A means of self-expression
  • A great way to promote self-discipline, motivational and organisational skills
  • Music lessons can develop:
  • Listening skills
  • Co-ordination and motor control
  • Self-confidence
  • A sense of personal responsibility
  • Social interaction and an appreciation of all forms of art

Learning an instrument should be educational and fun!

cello lessons in south gloucestershire, bristol and bathWhatever the pupil's age or level, learning an instrument should be fun and creative. I believe that the emphasis should be put on playing with a good technical understanding, and developing the ability to make your own musical decisions.

At all times, pieces are chosen for pupils that will challenge them and further extend their strengths, and others that will help them to work on the techniques they find more difficult. At all times, pupils are encouraged to listen to the music and make their own decisions with guidance as to how they perform the piece. I like to encourage a natural phrasing ('play the music as you might sing it!'), and a sensitive ear for dynamics.

Of course, there are scales and studies, important to the development of any instrumentalist, but these are always approached in a fun and meaningful way. I also encourage pupils to take part in outside ensembles, such as music centres and orchestras, where they can put their skills to good use and meet like-minded musical friends.



Cello Lessons take place in our purpose built studio beside our house. This light and relaxing space has been acoustically treated to give clarity to acoustic instruments, allowing you to hear exactly what you are playing. Lessons are £16 for 30 minutes, £20 for 40 minutes and £30 for an hour. I am always happy to give consultation or trial lessons.