Cello Teaching


Some example examiner comments on recent pupils' marksheets.

"A thoroughly prepared Grade 8 examination performance. Well done"

"This was a thoughtful and sensitive interpretation of the Bach. The playing was agile with secure finger dexterity and rich tone"

"A good level of energy and direction with careful attention paid to the phrasing, dynamics and with subtle shifts in tempo"

"The notational accuracy and fluency of the Saint-Saens was outstanding and the tone was extremely well focussed. The security of intonation supported a fine lyrical tone and the passagework was managed effortlessly"

"This flowed extremely well and a clean Baroque sound helped shape the music admirably. The Prelude had flexibility as well as excellent control of the tone. An outstanding feel for the Baroque phrasing and overall architecture was communicated and the interpretation was very convincing indeed""

All lessons include some time on aural tests, sight reading and scales/orchestral studies, with a focus on linking these skills with all aspects of playing.


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